Tick Talk - Bespoke French Lessons

Tick Talk - Bespoke French Lessons

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Over 10k Instagram Followers / More than 350 amazing students over 13 years / And..... a lifelong passion for teaching!

Private French Lessons Online

Are you tired of missing out during French conversations? Fed up with having to rely on a translation app? You need private French lessons online! If you would like your programme to be tailored to...
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Resumes & Covering Letters

Looking for a job in Lyon, France but not sure how to adapt your application documents to the French professional culture? Let Marine help you and give you the best advice to be sure to...
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Testimonials – They said it!

« Marina is the best foreign language teacher I have come across in the 6 years I have been learning languages abroad. She takes the time to understand you and therefore personalises activities to best fit...
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Meet Your Teacher, Marina

tick talk teacher Marina in lyon

Marina is a professional French teacher with  10 years of experience in teaching French abroad in Alliance Française and schools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 My name is Marina, I am native French. I have a degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language from Grenoble University and I have been a professional teacher for 11 years now. I have lived 8 years in England, a few months in Mexico, and 3 1/2 years in Australia as a kid. I am passionate about languages in general, French and English in particular, and I’m always amazed at how they are intertwined.
Before Covid-19, I would come to yours, however from March 2020 all lessons are online.
Whenever you want! You just purchase 5, 10 or 15 hours. and you decide how you want to use them. It can be an hour a week, two hours or five!
Absolutley! All that is done before and/or after is part of our services and is included in your fees.
You can fill in our quick questionnaire online. When you first enrol you also receive a Tick Talk questionnaire by email  and another one helping you determine what type of learner you are: visual, auditory or kinaesthetic, or perhaps a mix of them! (included in the 10 and 15 hour packages)